Coronavirus Update

During the pandemic the premises that we had been using to run SCARF, kindly supported and provided by Wolverhampton College, became inaccessible in accordance with Government Guidelines and its approach to Covid 19.

Whilst this was happening Wolverhampton College underwent a series of changes, which included some external departments being brought onto the main site, where SCARF was positioned.

Wolverhampton College has, again, kindly provided alternate premises for SCARF but it is going to take some time for us to work out the logistics of this new location as well as reconfigure our stock and fittings to make this work.

With SCARF being a Community Interest Company that relies on volunteers and external support we cannot envisage a return to opening the shop until after the summer holidays at this point.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate the support and enquiries and will be back as soon as possible. Please do check the website and facebook because if things move faster then we will update here.

Thanks again.



SCARF is a not for profit social enterprise business, based in Wolverhampton. We are focused on reducing the carbon footprint of local businesses and helping the environment by reusing Surplus materials from businesses as resources for art, education and play.

We first opened the doors to our first store in 2004 and have been working hard ever since to source discarded materials, originally destined for landfill and make them available to local community groups, schools, students and individuals. Our aim is to bridge the gap between what our customers need to make their projects come to life and what businesses are having trouble recycling. All of our materials are sold at the lowest price possible to help support reuse, creativity and extend tight budgets.

Our first store, based on Colliery Rd, is the larger of the two and houses Black Country RePaint and our second store based at City of Wolverhampton College Paget Rd we sell a smaller stock of materials and a larger range of creative kits and craft packs. For more information on the stores please click on the ‘Our stores' link.

We offer a variety of services including creative workshops and training for adults and children, schools projects, Lesson activities and Craft Packs. All of our services are based around the environment and reuse. All our workshops have been developed by trained educationalists and prioritise on improving communication skills, creativity and problem solving, team working and collaboration, ability to explore textures and colours, willingness to experiment all while taking positive environmental action and demonstrating the value of this.

SCARF is overseen by a board of professionals working in business and / or education who delegate the everyday running of the company to a Business Manager. Our stores are run with the assistance of staff, apprentices and volunteers. We are very grateful to have a strong team who are all committed to constantly review and improve our services for the benefit of the local community.

SCARF is an affiliate of the national network of scrap stores ReUseful U.K. connecting us to a U.K. wide resource validating our policies.

The SCARF premises are provided by the kind support and assistance of Eastfield Primary School and The City of Wolverhampton College.