Coronavirus Update

During the pandemic the premises that we had been using to run SCARF, kindly supported and provided by Wolverhampton College, became inaccessible in accordance with Government Guidelines and its approach to Covid 19.

Whilst this was happening Wolverhampton College underwent a series of changes, which included some external departments being brought onto the main site, where SCARF was positioned.

Wolverhampton College has, again, kindly provided alternate premises for SCARF but it is going to take some time for us to work out the logistics of this new location as well as reconfigure our stock and fittings to make this work.

With SCARF being a Community Interest Company that relies on volunteers and external support we cannot envisage a return to opening the shop until after the summer holidays at this point.

We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate the support and enquiries and will be back as soon as possible. Please do check the website and facebook because if things move faster then we will update here.

Thanks again.


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Need Paint?

Community RePaint Black Country

Community RePaint takes leftover or unwanted paint from householders, painters and decorators and DIY retailers and makes it available for local community groups, charities, people on low incomes and those in need. Community Repaint is a nationwide initiative and there is a network of schemes throughout the UK.

Community RePaint Black Country is part of a nationwide initiative to reduce the amount of useable paint going into landfill and at the same time helping local people to improve their environment.

Each can is tested and checked for quality to ensure it is safe and suitable for use. All paint collected from SCARF is subject to a small handling fee.

If you would like to visit the SCARF store we have emulsion and gloss paints in stock in 2.5 / 5 litre cans as well as match pots and smaller cans which are ideal for murals etc. Masonry paint and other household type paints are also available.

Community RePaint will also accept unwanted but useable paint for reuse. Paint can be brought to the SCARF store during opening hours. Due to restricted space within the store we are unable to accept paint cans that are less than half full.

If you would like to donate paint please contact us.

We cannot accept

Paint stripper, Paint thinners, Paintbrush cleaners, Wood preservatives and treatments, Car paint, Specialist and industrial paints, Aerosol and spray paints, Cellulose-based paint, Paint not in it's original container, Paint over 10 years old, Unusable paint.

Donate Paint?

We are always looking out for new stock and what may be waste to you or your business may well be exactly what someone else is looking for.

Donating to us you're taking positive environmental action and fulfilling your corporate social responsibility at the same time.

If you would like to donate or find out more about how and what kind of materials, we accept then please contact us by sending an email here:

Email Us